Are the Holidays Really Over?

As always the several weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year seemed to go by in a flash...but go on forever. You know what I mean? I just spent today getting reacclimated to real life. It seems strange. Lots of work and no big parties on the horizon. What's that all about?

But, it's OK. I'm really excited about my resolutions and the new golf season. Everything is on sale in January so I'm looking forward to some quality shopping experiences, too (cutting back on shopping was NOT one of my resolutions, obvs) and here in CT, amazingly, the weather is still golf-able and there are still courses open. So 2007 is looking pretty good so far.

Anyway, we had a phenomenal time at Foxwoods ringing the year in. I took lots of crazy photos that are still in my camera. The one above was sent to me by a fellow reveler who obviously has much less on her plate than I do. I'll get mine up by tomorrow though. I'll also be posting some really fascinating compelling fun golf pieces in the coming weeks. So I hope you're ready for 2007, I know I am.