A Few Golf Goals Plans for 2007

It's taking longer than I thought to get my 2007 goals and resolutions established, but my golf goals plans are set.

Golf Practice Goals Plans

* Week one: two days at the range, three at the gym, week two: three at the range two at the gym. Repeat through April.

* 1/2 hour of Persian carpet putting three times a week.

* Winter condition golf practice round once a weekend, weather permitting.

Golf Travel Goals Plans

* Take two to three golf trips between now and April. Possible destinations, FL, AZ, NV, CA.

* Play golf in at least three foreign countries in 2007. Possible destinations, France, Greece, Bolivia, Dubai,Iran, China, New Zealand.

* Play golf in New Orleans before the end of 2007,either at TPC, or better yet, at Lakewood Country Club if it's ready.

That's it. No mention of scores or handicaps yet, you'll notice, I'm not quite there yet. Just some general plans. Make any sense?