Friday Fashion File - Hats On for a Great Golf Look

Inspired by Michelle Wie's ultra hip Nike Newsboy Cap, and this brilliantly funny post by Mulliagan Stu over at Waggle Room, I'm focusing my first ever Friday Fashion File on golf hats.

Hat's have a special place in my heart. You see, I live Danbury, CT, and during 1880s, over five million hats a year were produced here. The town was known as the hat capital of the world. Of course hats went out of fashion in the second half of the 20th century...except when it came to golf. On golf courses hats are still worn by most of us. Whether it's simply a color-coordinated baseball cap or something more distinctive, a hat is a great way to complete a golf look... and make a fashion statement. Michelle's newsboy style, and the buzz it generated, reminds us of that.

Today's Golf Girls have loads of styles to choose from. Beyond the ubiquitous baseball cap, bucket hats, in solids or prints, are a fun, flirty option for summer. A more elegant summer option is a brimmed straw hat. In the fall a plaid English walking cap or a baret like Christina Kim wears looks great. And, I have a feeling we'll be seeing lot's more of those newsboy caps now that Mitchelle has paved the way.

Yes, when it comes to a golf hat, the choices are definitely there. Not all of them are good, however. I've made a few bad ones myself, and they were ultimately outlawed by Nick the fashion police. Oh well, not even Paris Hilton hits a home run every time out.