Golf Gets a Whole New Era

I'm sure everyone's just waiting for me to weigh in on this, so here are my totally random initial impressions on the first day of the New Era in Golf:

1) Kelly Tilghman's hair did not look as perfect as it usually does. Less straight, less long, less blonde. That's a good thing. Normally I spend most of every show obsessing about her perfect hair. She's such a talented presenter and so perfect in every other way she definitely doesn't deserve need perfect hair. Got that Miss. Perfect?

2) Nick Faldo was warm/fuzzier than we're used to, that's a bad thing. The world does not need a warm/fuzzy Nick Faldo. We need an aloof, arrogant Nick Faldo. We need "Nick The (rhymes with stick)". Mr. Faldo should go right back to the Donald Trump School of Snarkiness for a refresher course. Go Nick. Now.

3) Pat Green's anthem, "Feels Like it Should", contributes a nice dose of sharpness and swagger to Golf Channel's coverage, but a more appropriate title might be "Feels Like it Should and it Should Feel like NASCAR".

4) Will MacKenzie looks a lot like Sean Penn, and that look is really more suited to a surfer dude with a serious adrenalin habit than a professional golfer. I sort of like him though, being a kayaker, rock climber and adrenalin junkie myself. Oh, and he proudly admits to once going a month without a shower. Love that in a guy.

5) Vijay Singh is a class act and will always be. No matter what. Till the end of time.