I Feel A Great Golf Weekend Coming On

The planets seem to be aligning before my eyes, conspiring to produce an extremely decent first weekend of January!

Here we are in CT, where normally the entire month of January is deep frozen and only good for one thing: hibernation. But this weekend it's meant to hit 60; breaking records and paving the way for some great winter golf. I was at the driving range yesterday. The heaters weren't even on and that was just fine. Inspired by a golf resolutions post by Renee at The Forward Tees, I worked on my direction, really concentrating on where I wanted the ball to land. Ultra helpful. Today I'm hitting the gym for some flexibility and strength training. So I'll be all set to enjoy my weekend rounds, won't I? Then we've got the Mercedes-Benz Championship to watch on The Golf Channel. In addition to the new Kelly/Nick pairing, they're promising a pimped out an exciting new graphics package, new music and a little thing called Aim Point that allows an analyst to draw the anticipated line of a putt on the screen. Should be quite cool, I suspect. So yes, this weekend IS looking good for golf.

The only shitty unpleasant thing I have to do is take my Christmas tree down, which is never fun. But it's much easier than putting it up, right? Glass half full on that one.

It's hard to believe that the 2007 is almost a week old isn't it? BTW, I've posted a few photos of our New Year's Eve celebration here on Flickr. They feature various stages of inebriation from tipsy to hammered, as well as several headgear styles and two different venues. It was that kind of night. I'll be adding descriptive text and posting more photos over the next few days. Ad nauseum, one might say, but (some of) you asked for it.