Golf Girls Finally Get into the Home of Golf

It took 153 years, but we gals are finally allowed in to golf's oldest establishment! You know...The Royal & Ancient Championship Clubhouse at St. Andrews, Scotland. The R & A for short.

OK. I seriously doubt I'll ever be let in, but professional women golfers will be permitted to penetrate these hallowed halls come July, and the Women's British Open. And that's never happened before.

Now, keep in mind this'll only be allowed during the week of the tournament, August 2-5, but for that golden week, the championship clubhouse will be open to all competitors, caddies, and officials involved with the Open. You see, The Old Course is hosting a women's championship for the first time. Meanwhile, the men's British Open has been held there... like... 27 times.

Don't worry guys, male members will still have access to the clubhouse through the week, but you'll have to enter though a little makeshift locker room thingy. Hope you can handle it.