Comfort Food, an Awesome Wine and a Good Winter Golf Read

Here in New England, and elsewhere in the Northern tier of the US, it looks like there'll be some big time hibernating going on... for the next several weekends at least. Today for example, we're expecting temps to rise to a paltry 28 degrees; tomorrow 14. With high winds and snow squalls both days. More of same for the weekend. It's normal here, we deal with it. As best we can.

To make these non-golf weekends more palatable three things come immediately to mind: comfort food, fine wine and good reading material. For optimum enjoyment they should be savored in front of a roaring fire in cashmere pjs and fluff scuffs.

As far as winter comfort food. I happen to think there's nothing better than fondue. I mean the cheesy kind, that bubbles and drips and coats everything that enters it with pungent goodness.

For the wine...well in a perfect world it would be something like, maybe a 2000 Chateau Margaux.

As for reading material, I think the perfect compliment to an afternoon of hibernation, libation and relaxation would be the fun, fast-paced SortaGolf tale, The Muldooney Revisions. First of all, it's a feel good story if ever there was one, and feel good. Right?

Whether or not you embrace the SortaGolf philosophy, as I surely do, you'll be swept up by this thriller that begins in Northern Scotland with the discovery of the Ancient Rules of Golf which, in a subversive twist, make the game fun. Not agonizing, not frustrating...Fun. Well things quickly go awry as golf purists attempt to squelch all evidence of the ancient rules. The ensuing action takes the reader across thousands of miles and many humorous twists to a final confrontation at Golf House, the hallowed bastion of USGA righteousness. It's well crafted, quick and clever. And, it really makes you think about how and why you play the game. The only problem I can see is that you might find yourself longing to get out on the course and try out the SortaGolf rules...and if you're in our neck of the woods, that may not be possible till April.