Golf Girl(s) of the Week - Karyn Erb & Katie Miller

Today's Golf Girl of the Week award goes to not one, but two beautiful, blonde Golf Girls: Katie Miller and Karyn Erb.

The stylish sisters grew up in Park Ridge, NJ, with a Dad who was passionate about golf. And he was one of those Dads who couldn't wait to get his kids involved in the game; trips to the driving range and area courses, hours spent watching golf on TV as a family... Jim Miller's passion was genuine, and the girls came to share their Dad's love of the game.

Though they didn't play competitively while growing up, The sisters formed a real bond around the game of golf. After graduating from college, where Karyn majored in finance and Katie in computer science, they decided to start a business together, and Katie suggested golf apparel. Sensing a definite market need for cute golf styles that were both flirty and functional, Kayrn agreed. So these two intrepid entrepreneurs designed their initial line from scratch. Then they sourced quality fabrics and manufacturers, built a user friendly website... and launched GirlsGreen. Their products are awesome. Polos and Tees with detailing that's both trendy and traditional. At the same time. How cool is that?

Now of course, Katie and Karyn are ultra-busy, but not too busy to hit the links whenever possible. And these Golf Girls both agree that many of the skills and diciplines acquired through golf...patience, planning, precision...are mighty useful in the business world too.

Oh, I almost forgot; Guys, make sure you check out GirlsGreen's new Golfer Gift Buckets. Whether she's is a scratch golfer, a bogey golfer or just a beginner, there's an adorable gift bucket that would be just right for your Golf Girl on Valentine's Day.