Golf Course as Sculpture Garden? I Love the Idea.

...Particularly when the sculptural works in question are monumental 20th century masterpieces, and the course the heartbreakingly beautiful Islewood Country Club in central FL.

I can barely imagine a more sublime golf experience. Picture it: you're playing an amazing Arnold Palmer course, and one-by-one you come upon works by the likes of Rodin, Léger, Botero, Miro... each enchanting piece telling its own story, in bronze or steel or marble. What could be more delightful than that?

This is an annual event, put on by Sotheby's, it's actually an exhibition and private sale, and it runs from now through the middle of April. Sadly, I get the impression that this particular golf experience is only open to the ultra rich and privileged and I don't currently count myself among those ranks. Islewood Country Club is very exclusive and I was told the price of the Calder at the top of the page is $10 million. I suppose I shouldn't complain, I've played some really nice courses and I've actually already seen a number of the works currently gracing the floral corners of Islewood. But it sure is nice to fantasize about bringing it all together.