Taylor Hicks or Justin Timberlake: Which One Can Bring Sexy Back ?

The recent Bob Hope Chrysler Classic was more notable for the implausibly icy desert winds, and the "flowing golden tresses" of its obscure winner, than for any amazing golf. As a result, the golf blogs didn't give it too much attention, just a few, nice anecdotal posts here and there.

There was however, one Bob Hope post that inspired the kind of response I dream about generating on my humble blog... and it didn't have much anything to do with golf. Chris Baldwin who writes one of the World Golf Blogs, opinionated piece...that derided the replacement of Mouseketeer turned rapper Justin Timberlake, with American Idol Taylor Hicks. Yawn. Or so I thought. Hundreds of spirited, passionate, highly vitriolic comments later, I'm paying attention.

So, shamelessly, I've decided to grab my own small piece of the Taylor vs Justin debate. I've whipped up a little poll that asks which of these so called celebrity golfers you'd like to see at next year's Bob Hope Classic. Obviously Chris has tons more readers than I do, but hopefully we'll get enough response that we can use the results to lobby the tournament directors for next year. Probably not, but at least we'll find out who's more popular...with the readers of Golf Girl's Diary.

So what if you think Taylor Hicks is a Trailer Hick AND you're sure Justin Timberlake is never gonna be able to bring sexy back, even if he kept the receipt? Then you can select...Snoop Dog. I added him as a third possible "celebrity golfer". He knows how to swing a golf club and he knows from golf fashion.

So here's your chance to voice your opinion in this passionate debate.

Which of these guys would you like to see at next year's Bob Hope Classic?
Justin Timberlake
Taylor Hicks
Snoop Dogg

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