Golf Girl of the Week - Karen Palacios-Jansen

Golf Girl of the Week Karen Palacios-Jansen, is the quintessential Golf Girl, the poster-child-perfect embodiment of Golf Girl spirit. Not only is she beautiful, friendly, fashionable and fun (All vital Golf Girl requirements, as determined by ME), she also lives golf to the hilt, with infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy. This GGW does it all: she plays, she teaches, she writes, she consults, she inspires, she promotes... and she's won prestigious awards and accolades for so many of her diverse endeavors! How's that for a Golf Girl of the Week. You can find out lots more about Karen, her background and accomplishments, at her website.

I discovered Karen in my quest for a golf fitness program to take me through the winter months. I wanted something practical (ie., something I could do at home in less than 1/2 hr a day). But I also wanted something that would improve my swing, tone my muscles, increase my flexibility and burn calories. In other words wanted to get a whole lot of benefit out of one simple program. And that's where Karen and Cardiogolf came in. This its inventor, does it all, with remarkable simplicity. I've been doing the program for about two weeks now. It's a breeze and it's working. The other day at the driving range was proof of that. I'm getting more distance, my weight shift is smoother, and my tempo more even... even Nick noticed...and Nick never notices anything about anyone other than himself. I'll be writing about Cardiogolf in more detail as the winter progresses but for now I think I've found a program that's spot-on for me... And I met an inspiring new Golf Girl in the process. BTW, I received an email from Karen a few days ago, from the Bahamas. She was at the Michael Jordan Invitational with her hubby...who just happens to be Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater Dan Jansen.