Golf Girl of the Week - Cristie Kerr

It's been an ultra busy week. One of those ones where everything converges in a storm of work deadlines, obligatory social engagements and annoying demanding husbands. Then there was the actual storm. Her name was Agatha and she caused us a power outage. Thus creating a bigger backlog of unfinished assignments. It happens every now and again. You deal with it. And you work over the weekend. Oh well.

On a happy note though, this week's Golf Girl makes my blogging job super easy. After all, she's Cristie Kerr, so needs no introduction. She's the top ranked American female golfer, No. 4 in the world, and she's beautiful. Very beautiful. People notice those things. Beyond her obvious physical and athletic superiority, she's got her heart and spirit the right place too. When her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she founded "Birdies for Breast Cancer", to raise money for breast cancer research. She works tirelessly on its fundraisers and events, thereby touching the lives of so many. A recent Celebrity Poker Tournament she organized in Las Vegas bought in $140,000! Additionaly she donates $50. for each birdie she makes...and this Golf Girl makes lots of birdies. Cristie also sells some really cute products,from which the proceeds go to here foundation.

Right now Cristie's in Hawaii getting ready to tee off for the second round of the SBS, this less then a week after her third place finish in The Australian Ladies Masters.

Though she doesn't generate as much press as Paula or Natalie or Michelle, I don't think I need to say much more here, it's quite clear...Christie Kerr is one extraordinary Golf Girl.

Oh, I forgot one thing, Cristie's been featured in Golf Babes, like, ten times. Not too many Golf Girls out there who can make that lofty claim.