Weekly Fashion File - Diamonds are a Golf Girl's Best Friend

Adorable SBS Open winner Paula Creamer is known for her stellar golf game and her pink on pink ... on pink outfits. But she also likes a little bling, both on and off the course. Don't we all? Well apparently we do, because "glitter on the golf course" has been proclaimed one of the hot trends this season. According to an informative article I received from my
sourcefriend and fellow blogger, Scott (of Tartan Golf Grips fame), sparkling splendor was all over the place at the recent PGA Merchandise Show. Now, I didn't really get this from reading the golf blogs because most of the blog coverage of the show (and there was lots of excellent coverage) was by guys, and more focused on high tech clubs, innovative golf gadgets and the hot babes who were manning the booths...rather than the abundance of Swarovsky crystals embelishing everything from golf bags to golf gloves to ballmarkers and divot tools.

Personally, I love this trend. However, some of the new golf sparklers are way, way over-the-top, even for my pimped-out predilections. Allow me to present exibit A:
Just your average, everyday diamond encrusted golf bag, complete with matching bejeweled head covers. OK. See what I mean by over-the-top? It's part of Belding Golf Bag's, Private Collection line which includes other models with discriptive names like "Glitter Ball" and "Gay Paris".

Like iced out hip-hop grills, I find this golf bag fascinating... but it probably wont be sharing a golf cart with me any time soon.

So, lets move on to the arena of more "wearable" golf bling, shall we? My absolute fav is the Mettlemark line of uber-elegant pendants and hat clips. The designs are minimalist. Stunning in their simplicity. All are made of precious metals, gemstones, diamonds or enamels...and each piece is so functional. Both the hat clips and the pendants incorporate a strong magnet that holds one of the interchangable ball marks in place. In case Nick is reading this, I
needrequiredesperately want items MP-1-WP-002-03 and MC-2-WP-002-03. But any of the pieces from this extraordinary line would be welcome.

For more whimsical, but equally icy ball markers, check out Bonjoc. This is where the Swarovsky crystals come in. Tons of them, in every color imaginable. The shapes are awesome too. The 2007 line includes every thing from hearts to flowers to little yellow ducks. They also offer some adorable snap on markers...little bejeweled enamale flowers...that attach to your glove. Sweet. I want
a couplethem all please. And, speaking of gloves remember back in October I wrote about Sassy Swing's golf gloves...the ones with the beaded bracelets that double as a stroke counters. Well it seems they generated a resounding buzz at the show. Again, in addition to being cute as can be, the metals are precious, the crystals are Swarovsky and the products are innovative and functional.

Now, anyone who knows me knows my middle name is Tiffany. Actually that's a lie, but I am a Tiffany's girl. Through and through. So of course I fell for this golf charm...and I'm happy to report one is being attached to my charm bracelet at this very moment. I don't wear my charm bracelet on the golf course - my swing is bad enough without the jingling distraction it would provide - but it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I've been able to find lot's of cute golf charms.

Now what about the bling thing for golf guys? Well, there's some evidence that it's starting to happen. Tragically hip (in a good way) Swedish haberdasher J.Liniberg's white leather "slater pro belt" with its sculptured silver or gold tone buckle can make any guy look like
a Swedish pimpJesper Parnevik. And there's no reason why a confident male couldn't wear one of those artful Mettlemark hat clips I wrote about earlier. After all why should guys not shine a little. True, not everyone loves it; some of my fellow bloggers, find that even a hint of bling on a guy is way too pimp-like. But I'm pretty sure this trend is going to be around for a while, because believe me, once you start sparkling it's really hard to stop.