Golf Girl of the Week - Gia Bocra

In addition to everything else she's got, this Golf Girl of the Week just landed the ultimate golf dream job. Frankly, it's a job I desperately wanted myself, so I do harbor a wee bit of anger bitterness rage envy. Yep, I'm green with envy. You see, Gia Bocra was just selected as the new host of Fine Living Network's The Wandering Golfer. She was chosen from 1,500 applicants and even I have to admit, she's perfect for the job. First of all she's really, really cute with a warm, bubbly personality. Secondly she's a LPGA Teaching Pro who's worked at some of the country's top clubs, with some of the top golf instructors, for the past 10 years. In addition, Gia was captain of the women's golf team at Rutgers and has degree in Journalism.

The dream job in question will take this Golf Girl around the world to explore the planet's most amazing golf destinations. If you've seen the show, you know it's as much about travel as it is about golf. But there's plenty of golf and it's presented in an engaging, informal, fun way. Yes, Gia will be perfect. But I would have been perfect too, damn it. Just because I've only been playing golf for a few months doesn't mean I couldn't host the show, right? Well, maybe they did want someone with a tad bit more golf experience. So, I guess I'll just have to create my own version of The Wandering Golfer. I'll call it The Wandering Quadruple Bogey Golf Girl. Hmmm, that title needs work. In the meantime, I extend my reluctant heartfelt congratulations to Golf Girl of the Week and new host of The Wandering Golfer, Gia Bocra.

Shout out to John Drennen from Beaker's Golf Blog. He blogged about Gia over the weekend. That's how I found out she'd won.