Weekly Fashion File - Guy Golfers Think Pink

OK, I guess many of us were a teenie bit dissapointed with the Dubai Desert Classic this past weekend. Sure it was exciting golf, particularly parts of Sunday's back nine, yet who could help fantasizing about a fierce, nail biting Ernie vs Tiger play off? Well, both guys were right up there throughout, teasing us with that tantalizing prospect, but in the end, the often under-appreciated long-hitting "local hero" Henrik Stenson won out. The wicked sandstorm that last day was a weather condition that his current residence, right there in Dubai, appeared to have prepared him for. Ah well, we'll have to wait a while for the big showdown, but I have little doubt that it will come. Soon.

There was, however, one show in the dessert kingdom over the weekend that did not disappoint; and that was the fairway fashion show. The guys looked fabulous all throughout the tournament. And the shining star on this grassy, green catwalk was definitely Pink. I'm talking about Pink, the color. It was everywhere, in every shade. It looked luscious on everyone too, regardless of skin tone.... and with such an international field, there was a whole melting pot full of skin tones.

The thing that's so amazing about pink is that, more than any other color, it seems to have personality and attitude. On girls the color's always going to be flirty and feminine. It says sexy, spoiled, sometimes sweet and occassionally, manipulative. So how can it be so not those things on guys?
Men who wear pink send out a distinctly confident and contemporary vibe. They automatically appear to be creative and open minded...and somewhat bold. It's almost a rule that guys who wear pink are highly functioning individualists. Dumb guys don't wear pink, neither do sloppy, careless guys. On men, pink is the color of a winner and perhaps that's why it's becoming so pervasive in golf.

But there are still people and places that haven't warmed up to the pink on men trend, so if you're still a little reluctant to embrace those strawberry shades, how do you join the pink parade?

It's not that difficult. You see, another great thing about pink is that it goes so well with all your wardrobe staples, ie., grays, tans, navys, black and white. So you can begin slowly by introducing pink accessories, then move on to the more important pieces as you get more comfortable with the hue (and begin to pile up the compliments). So why not start with a belt, like Jean-Francois Lucquin did in Dubai? That's him in the upper right corner of the golfer montage at the top of this page. The belts at left would work both on and off the course. The one at the top even has a golf club pattern. They're by one of my favorite apparel companies in the entire world, Vineyard Vines.

Off the greens, say at the country club gala, or the opening of that new urban night club, go for a tie with a touch or two of pink. Hermes has many that are nothing less than sublime. Then you're all set to add a lid. The Minuzo baseball cap or if the stylish Hermes bucket hat (with handy zipper pocket) are great options. Note from the fashion editor: The bucket hat works best on a guy who's super young, ultra lean and speaks with an Australian or British accent.

When you're ready to move on to a polo or sweater the choices are endless. Stripes or solids in shades that run the spectrum from the coolest powdery pink to the hottest flamingo fuscia. The shirts to your left are from Izod, Asford, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Bahama, and there are so many more... on line, in golf shops or at department stores.

Now, if you're contemplating pink pants or shorts, I think it's safe to say you're feeling pretty comfortable with this creative color, so go for it! Niclas Fasth and Jyoti Randhawa did in Dubai, and they looked hot. Hot and classy, which is a very good look. At left are shorts and slacks both in Bermuda Pink, both from Vineyard Vines. And who knows, perhaps someday you'll even dare to wear these pink knickers...or not.

If after all this you're still wary of taking the plunge into pink, ask a few females. I think you find almost universal enthusiasm, and admiration for your good taste, confidence and bold fashion sense. And we girls know from fashion sense. So go ahead take your cue from the Golf Guys in Dubai, and think pink. But wait a minute... while we are willing to share our passion for pink, we ladies still do it best. This was abundantly clear last weekend at another golf event on the other side of the world.