Golf Nuts Gone Wild

Here in winter-weary Connecticut we're enjoying our first 70 degree day since...well forever. That's the way it seems, at least. There is however, a dark side to this balmy weather. I just got back from the driving range, where all hell had broken loose. The normally orderly facility was out of control, and the typically polite suburban crowd had gone totally ape shit excrement!

You see, lots of our local courses are scheduled to reopen this weekend and everyone's desperately trying to resurrect their their diminished swing so as not to flounder too badly in their first round of the season. When I arrived it was almost impossible to park, and the bays were all occupied. Several heated exchanges were going on between hitters and wait-ers. I took my place as a wait-er but I didn't wait long. The ambiance was simply too hostile for me. Desperation had turned these normally affable recreational golfers into golf nuts...no... scratch that, they had become full fledged golf psychos! And it wasn't pretty. At all.

So I came right back here to my office, got on the phone and booked a lesson for Thursday. That way I won't have to do battle with the deranged demons of the driving range.

The upside of this adventure was that it inspired me to do a Google search for "Golf Nut" which happily led me to the definitive site for true golf nuts. Check it out, it's lot's of fun, especially the golf nut gallery stories. What some of these nuts have done in the name of golf really is wild.

Left: Pecan Pete, Macadamia Mike, Andy Almond & Carl Cashew on a holiday golf outing.