Beautiful Words and Pictures

I spend a lot of time exploring the internet. It's one of my favorite hobbies... right up there with golf and shopping and eating. Anyway, I love clicking from site to site and finally discovering a fascinating, high quality gem, hiding shyly amidst the dearth of low quality drivel. And mind you, the low quality drivel can be lots of fun in its own right. I've got to admit that.

Occasionally, however, I discover a site so beautiful that it possesses me. Straymatter is one such site. It's a photo blog and the photos are indeed evocative and beautiful, but it's the writing that's beyond extraordinary. Again it's the simplicity that shocks here. How can someone consistently take a few simple words and make them resonate so. I've not no idea, but that's what I was thinking as I clicked previous again and again, reading each passage till I came to the end. Way back in 2005. If you like really good writing, you'll probably want to do the same thing. Enjoy.