Mmmm. Rachel Ray...Aspiring Golf Girl?

We all know she's ultra cute and has her own media empire. We know she has some very influential friends and a TV show or two. But have you seen her golf swing? OK, it's not that impressive, as the video below clearly illustrates. After all, she's only played golf once...and that was at a course with windmills and water wheels. But you've got to imagine that if Rachel sets her mind to learning golf, she'll probably be breaking 100 in no time. She's that kind of girl.

The clip is from the Palm Springs episode of her "$40.00 a day show", and as always, she seems to be have an amazing amount of fun as she eats and drinks and plays her way through town...or across the country or around the world. One week she's sipping Chard in Sonoma the next, she's noshing on nougat in the south of France! It's always deliciously entertaining. Because whether she's posing for an FHM photo spread or whipping up a 30 minute meal, Rach makes everything seem easy, breezy and, well ...yum-o. Now admitedly there are those who find her excruciatingly annoying, but that's not most of us.

Will she get into golf anytime soon? That's not clear, but in the meantime, you've gotta check out this clip... the Rachel mmmmmmm montage is just...orgasmically funny.