New England Golf -Temporarily On Hold

It was 65 degrees here yesterday afternoon. I left the office at six, and as I walked out the door I was embraced by the sensuous spring-is-right-around-the-coner smell we New Englanders look forward to each year. The sun was a firey orb which seemed implausibly high for so late in the day. I was at the driving range in ten and spent an hour there; happy, optimistic, confident that spring had arrived. My swing felt great and as I drove home I was looking forward to a warm wonderful weekend of Demo Days testing Callaway and Taylor Made and Titleist equipment.

Then today suddenly there's this weather related reversal of fortune. It's not that I can't handle the cold and the rain and even the's just that I really had my heart set on Spring. I fell for the tease like I do every year. Ok, so remind me why I live in New England again.