Golf Girl Gloating

Yep, as predicted, it's Friday morning and frosty wet snowflakes are falling at a rapid clip. The temperature is hovering around 30. I just checked my local weather site and the only change was for tomorrow. Yes, Saturday, the day I was supposed to be falling in love with a new driver at the (Callaway / Taylor Made / Titleist) Demo Day! For Saturday the cute little "continuing-snow-
gradually-giving-way-to-clearing" icon has been replaced by the evil looking "icy-disgusting-mess" icon. So there you have it, yet another weekend of hibernation looks to be in the works for New England, while the rest of the country enjoys an early spring weekend of golf.

So, I've got to admit, I couldn't help gloating just a wee bit when I stumbled upon this story. It's a shame really... seems a 30-foot-wide sinkhole swallowed a road yesterday at an Apopka, Florida golf course. In addition to "Golf Green Villa Drive" the voracious pit also took out a section of the course. Apparently these sinkholes are rather common in sunny Florida particularly in periods of warm, dry weather. OK, that's warm and dry as compared to our cold and wet...and now they have a great big sink hole, so draw a smiley face on me.

No one was hurt by the sinkhole, and no homes or public services were impacted, so I don't feel too guilty about my little moment of unadulterated schadenfreude. Actually, I don't feel guilty at all. In fact, I think the massive sandy ditch should create some pretty interesting lies and plenty of ground-game options, and what's so bad about that?

Update: Guess what? We got to leave work early. Sort of like a half snow day. Ha ha, another reason to gloat.