Vintage Louis Vuitton Golf Bag - Up for Bid

If you read this blog regularly (as I suggest you do) you know I've been lusting for the Louis Vuitton golf bag The only slight problem, is the price. At $9,300, I can't seem to strong-arm conive seduce get anyone to buy it for me. My powers of persuasion aren't what they used to be, obvs.

Well my ship may have finally come in, because this morning I received a tip that there was, in fact a Louis Vuitton Bag... a beautiful vintage one, with minimal wear... up for auction on Ebay!

As of this moment there are 8 hours and 43 minutes left and the high bid is $308.33. So I'm gonna sit tight for a while and see how the bidding goes, then I'll swoop in at the end with my winning offer. Of course Nick's trying to discourage me. He says it'll go way up into the thousands and I'll inevitably be outbid, but I'm hopeful. After all, who's gonna want an old beat up golf bag with rusty islets and worn leather. And it's missing the detachable hood. And you've got to tack on $76.00 for shipping. I would highly discourage anyone from participating in this auction. OK? Don't even think about it. Thank you.