Another LV Golf Bag Gets Away. Damn.

Yes, John B was right. In the last two minutes there was a flurry of activity. Ultimately I lost the bag to bidder 8 and his $620. bid. He's obviously in the business (or extremely obsessed) because his 30 day bid summary showed 346 bids, most for civil war memorabilia, but quite a few for sports collectibles too. Oh well. Actually it was quite exciting just being in the auction, and coming close to winning. At least I think I did. For about 6 seconds, my $550 bid was the highest. In any case, I'm not too too discouraged. One of my readers told me Louis golf bags come up for auction fairly regularly. As do other very cool vintage golf items of all sorts. In fact, I've got bids on a bunch of things already, including these postcards that I plan to frame for my home office. Aren't they sweet?

BTW, Nick was happy when I lost the bag. Said it was impractical. He just doesn't get it. At all.