Style Statements from Augusta - Round 1

For today I'm going to limit myself to a couple of young Euro guys. They're not shy about expressing themselves...even if it doesn't always work.

Statement 1 - Ian Poulter, Channeling Bing Crosby

Ian Poulter clearly loves fashion. Trouble is, fashion doesn't always love him back. Sometimes he winds up looking like a peacock on acid... a walking orgy of color-clashing confusion. Remeber the zebra pants? ...or maybe they were leopard print, anyway, he wore them with a pink patterned shirt and the outfit looked just short of psycho. Scratch that, the outfit looked psycho.

That said, in Augusta these last couple of days, he's gotten it just right. Yes, there will be those who'll still complain. They'll say that with his "Channeling Bing Crosby look" he's pushing the proverbial envelope again, but hey, he's Ian Poulter, he's genetically programed to push the envelope.

What Mr. Poulter has done here is to take an accessory with a distinctly retro feel, the porkpie hat, and combine it with unquestionably bold, modern colors, sportstech details, and his perenial J Lindeberg belts, to create a true style statement, one that's instantly become his. Everything's close to the body, and a lean physique is required. Ian has one and it works.

Statement 2 - Johan Edfors: All tucked in and trying hard.

Here he comes, strolling down the's Johan Edfors. Yes, I know it seems like I'm becoming obsessed with this spirited Swede but I just know that with a bit of guidance Johan could be the style star of the tour. I'm glad to see he took my advice and got a longer shirt. Tucked it in, even. But the hair's still not working, particularly with the newsboy's cap...whatever it is. It's not a good look for him ...and why's he doing white, on white, on white? ...and why's everything a half size too small. It's too bad, because Puma clothes are awesome and Johan is ultra good looking. Oh, BTW did you see the gold Puma GTX shoes? They're extraordinary. I'm envisioning these shoes with brown pants and a complementary shirt in a warm color...and a total hair and grooming redo. Then you'd see Johan as he's meant to be seen. The fact is, he simply needs a good stylist. Me, for example.

There were tons of other great looks. I'll be featuring the most noteworthy over the next few days. I'm sure there'll be some interesting surprises. Whether it's the fashion or the golf, about the only thing that's certain with this Masters is that someone will be wearing green on Sunday afternoon.