My Masterful Picks

You may have seen my Masters predictions earlier over at the Waggle Room, but I wanted to post them here too. After all I have some serious money an honorable bet on the line.

Winner: I'm going with Vijay. I just have a feeling about this. I think he's completely determined to get back to number one, and when Vij is determined, things happen.

Runner-up: Henrik Stenson. Because he's such big hitter and has had a really inspiring 2007. Mentally and physically, I feel he's in an ideal place to do really well.

Dark horse: Sergio Garcia. His extraordinary talent combined with a post "spitgate" overhaul to his mental game, could result in green over yellow on Sergio.

To be perfectly honest: I do harbor a feeling somewhere inside that it's going to come down to Tiger and Phil... and that would be great ... but my money bet is on my three choices above.