First Round of the Season Weekend

Just a really quick photo post on my weekend at Foxwoods Resort. (BTW, The job of Golf Girl staff photographer is open. Nick's been fired for excessive complaining and dereliction of duties).

On Saturday evening we met some friends and went to a Middle Eastern dinner and show. Here I'm with Zaina (left) and Nadine (right). I'm trying to convince them to take golf lessons.

There was a very entertaining floor show with several belly dancers. I love belly dancing and I think it's really good exercise for golf. In fact, I'm considering creating a golf fitness program based on belly dancing. Nick said it was a dumb idea.

One girl danced with a sparkly baton. I'd simply replace that with a sparkly long iron to keep the workout on-topic.

In addition to core strengthening and flexibility, belly dancing also provides an excellent aerobic benefit. This girl must have burned like... 2,000 calories.

On Sunday we played Lake of Isles. As you can see it's still quite wintery in CT, but it was beautiful and about 60 degrees. The course had just opened the previous day so there's quite a bit to be done on the course. Quite a bit to be done on my golf game too.

In keeping with the previous evening's Arabian theme I spent a lot of time in the sand traps.

In the end we had a fantastic time and I can't wait to play again. Hopefully I'll have a new staff photographer by then too. No, Nick, you can't have your job back.