Golf Girl Gifted With Hi-bore Driver

As you may have noticed, I've been pining for a new driver for several months now, But what you probably don't know is that when I pine, it's extremely annoying for those around me. I debate the pros and cons of the lusted-for item endlessly, in minute detail. I'd also been borrowing Nick's Hi-bore driver constantly quite regularly, and frequently occasionally I would even return it to my bag instead of mistake, of course.

Well it looks like Nick finally got fed up with my ongoing monologue and his disappearing driver, because yesterday, as we were having drinks after a cold blustery round at Ridgewood Country Club, a W-Series HiBORE™ XL Driver was delivered to me at our table. Now everyone just assumed Nick had misbehaved and was trying to make some points with me, and who knows perhaps that's true. If it worked.

More about my new driver in the coming weeks. Can't wait to play with it...and now I can start pining for something else...the W-Series HiBORE™ Hybrid for example.