Corona Golf Girls

This golf girl is the defending champion at the Corona Championship in Morelia,Mexico.

If Lorena Ochoa wins it'll be her first successful title defense and her first victory as the No. 1 of women's golf.

(I just love her Mexican flag putter grip!)

This golf girl is currently in the lead at the 2007 Corona Championship in Morelia,Mexico.

Amazing Stacy Prammanasudh shot a 6-under-par 67 yesterday to take a one-shot lead after the first round.

This golf girl drinks Corona at Down the Hatch in Brookfield, CT.

In the summer Patricia Hannigan spends many apres-golf afternoons drinking Corona at this popular lakeside watering hole. (...and that's as close as I'll ever come to being a Corona Golf Girl.)


  1. That place where your having the beer looks beautiful.

  2. you look beautiful in front of that place where your having a beer. :)!

  3. That's close enough. Bring on the summer.

  4. All these golf girls are looking good!


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