Kawaii Golf - Wonderful Things from Japan (updated)

My JapanObsession continues.

See the thing is, I love cute stuff, and nowhere is cute more coveted than Japan. In fact, in Japan cute is a national obsession. There's even a Japanese word for this collective culture of cuteness. It's "Kawaii" (Ka-wuh-EEH) meaning love for all that's cute. OK, occasionally they go a little overboard, but for those like me, with a really high cuteness threshold, that's a rare occurrence, and not one to worry about.

So anyway, recently I was perusing the Golf Punk website, (which I'm wont to do of a lonely Saturday night) and I came upon something that made me really happy joyous ecstatic. In their blog was a post about The Bright Golf Company,UK marketer and distributor of "the coolest gear in golf". They represent and distribute several really interesting and innovative companies, but the one that caught my eye, for reasons that will soon be obvious, was Japanese manufacturer Como!Come! (I know, cute Japanese-y name too, right?) So anyway, their core product is putter covers. And these putter covers actually go way beyond cute. They're adorable! Festooned with jelly beans, teddy bears, darling little gender-neutral Kewpie dolls and baby sumo wrestlers...in an orgy of Japanese candy colors...with names like Red Riding Hood and Cherry Blossom and Rebecca Bon Bon.

But wait a minute, This line is not for girls only. There are awesome styles for guys too. Even fierce manly guys!

In addition to their putter covers which come in special sizes for different types of both blade and mallet putters, they've got coordinating head covers and capclip markers and apparel items ...and their golf bags are way on the other side of awesome.

They've even got this very unique little gizmo called baby tail. It clips to your putter cover to your bag or back pocket. The one problem I encountered was ordering. Bright Day only serves the UK and Europe as far as I could see and the Como!Come! online shop is pretty much exclusively in Japanese.

But when I really want something I usually end up getting it, so I'm confident I'll find away to get my share of Como cutness. And when I do you'll be the first to know.
Update: The Bright Golf Company ships worldwide so order your fix of Como! cuteness at their on-line shop.