Masters Fan Fashion - An Interview with John Drennen

I had an interesting chat last night with my friend, and fellow golf blogger, John Drennen. He was just back from the Masters with a fresh perspective on Golf Fan Fashion. He shared it with me in this interview.

G.G: Well John, first of all, how was the Masters? Did it live up to your expectations?

John: Oh, yes. Once there, I felt it immediately...that feeling you sometimes get hints of while watching the coverage on TV... the magic of the Masters (and Augusta National). It's just inescapable.

G.G: ...and how about the players, who did you see...and how were they behaving?

John: Well, for a while I had a real nice spot at hole 6. "Juniper" it's called...

G.G:, that's part of a really tough stretch, 4, 5, & 6, right?

John: Oh yeah, and that fact was quite obvious. I saw Weir, Mickelson, Woods, Love III and Couples at that hole...

G.G: Nice. Did they seem nervous, or what?

John: Not nervous so much as much as frustrated.

G.G: Yes the conditions were unbelievably difficult I hear.

John: it was WINDY!! 35-45 mph.

G.G: Wow, well, this year the Masters was definitely defined by cold windy weather, however I'm sure fashion statements were still being made by the fans at Augusta, as they were by some of the players. Did you see a particular trend in the way fans coped with the cold temperatures?

John: Well, of course like the players, lots of fans did layers, and the layers you saw most were narrow and close fitting. Fabrics were knits and thermals. Very few spectators had the courage (craziness) to wear shorts, but there were a number of women in skirts, and this was part of a trend I noticed that I'll tell you more about a bit later.

G.G: Ok. What about colors? Anything new going on with colors that we should know about?

John: Other than the notes of kelly green that were to be expected at the Masters, pastels really dominated. Particularly sky blues and lavenders. I found this remarkable because it's not something I've seen much of in the past few years. Also, hot pinks and lime greens were not as ubiquitous as they've been in the past.

G.G: Oops, looks like I'm going to have to refresh my color pallet. What about hats and head gear? Any trends there? I'm wondering if Ian Poulter's porkpie hat has caught on with fans.

John: not yet. As you can imagine there were quite a few cold weather hats being worn.

G.G: Did the fans seem to be aware of the player's clothing choices? Did you hear (overhear) any discussion of player fashions?

John: Yes, Poulter had a lot of people talking about his choice of clothing. Then there were a couple of players in short sleeves. You can guess what people were saying about them.

G.G: Yes, I can imagine.

John: I noticed a nice trend on stylish female fans...the one I hinted at earlier. It was a pastel sweater over a fully buttoned-up pastel polo, with either a flower print or khaki skirt. Worn with saddle shoes. Like Poulter's look, it almost had a retro feel to it.

G.G: Hmmmm, sounds really nice. Hope we see more of it this season.

John: I agree. maybe you should try to put this outfit together and take some photos of it for Golf Girl's Diary.

G.G: That's a great idea. Let me get right to it. Thank you so much John, for sharing these observations from the fan fashion front at the 2007 Masters.

John: OK Golf Girl, I look forward to seeing the look you come up with.

So...check in later in the week for photos of this on-trend look. And be sure to stop by tomorrow for the Poulter Poll.