The Poulter Poll - Is Ian on the Right Track?

Personally, I think he is.

Rather than his usual "Austin Powers meets Sid Vicious meets jungle fauna on steroids" look, in Augusta last week Ian Poulter put his own spin on casually elegant golf style. He seemed inspired by the likes of Bing Crosby and Sam Snead, however his color choices and the addition of complimentary racing stripes to his pants assured that there was nothing dated about his style.

In the past Mr. Poulter has amused, offended and annoyed golf fans with pernicious plaids, putrid patterns and patriotic peccadilloes that have resulted his being thought of as something of a couture clown. No longer.

Now, not everyone loved Ian's new look. Some thought he was still trying too hard. But not me, I think this works for I.P. and I'd like to see him stick with it and make the look his signature.
What did you think of Ian's look in Augusta?
Bad - It was over-the-top and distracting, as usual. Why can't he just dress normally?
OK - It was an improvement over past looks, but still too "out there".
Good - I liked the look but don't think I'd encourage him to maintain it.
Great - A classy look, well executed. He should stick with this look and make it his.

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Who knows? Maybe, if enough golf fans approve, we won't have to see any more of this nonsense: