Blogger Mobile Works - Sends Photo of Golf Shirts

Check out these cute polos! Only $20.00 at marshal's. I'm posting this via cell phone . Let's see if it works.


This is great. On my way home today I stopped at Marshall's to do a bit of shopping, found these cute Tommy Hilfiger polos for only $19.99. They had adorable RL polos for $29.99. Unique and beautiful colors. I bought a couple ... few. Before I left I snapped a photo with my cell phone (first time I ever used that camera phone) and uploaded it to Blogger Mobile. As you can see from the brief post above, it worked fine.

That's how I'll be posting to this blog for the next few days. I'll be in Manhattan till the end of next week at a trade show...the one I've been getting ready for for what seems like months. We're at the show all day and entertaining French colleagues each evening so won't have time for conventional blogging...enter Mobile blogging. Of course there won't be much text - I can't stand texting - but I'm going to try to get a photo or two up each day. Should be an interesting experiment.