Jr. Golf Girls Get Their Own Magazine

How awesome is that? A new golf magazine is coming out this summer and this one's for young... O.K. very young... lady golfers! The target market is girls from 5 to 17 who play (or who intend to play) golf. It's estimated that there are 2 million such golf girls out there, and the magazine, called Golfer Girl, plans to reach lots of them this summer - through distribution at golf academies, golf camps and junior golf tournaments.

Of course there'll be cute golf fashions galore, but Golfer Girl will also feature golf instruction and tips for girls, as well as stories on exceptional girl golfers and junior tour players. And lots more.

The entire venture is the brain child of a San Diego Dad and his three golf girl daughters. They also have golf trend and marketing consultant Nancy Berkley on board, as well as other perfectly suited golf professionals.

The bottom line is Golfer Girl is going to rock! And what could be better for the advancement of women's golf than a fun, fascinating, fashionable magazine for young girl golfers? They've got a website in the works too. Check it out for a complimentary copy of their first issue.