Does Golf + Poker = Goker or Polf?

Either way the two worlds seem to be merging lately (or at least collaborating)... to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. Golf bloggers have begun covering this trend as have some other sports bloggers, who don't normally focus on golf.

Last month the ruggedly handsome (gratuitous, I know) golf blogger William K. Wolfrum wrote a perceptive post that highlighted the upcoming World Series of Golf, a new tournament to air on NBC that incorporates elements golf and poker in a formula so unique it's patented! Then, a few days ago, the prolific penmen at Oobgolf posted on "The Ultimate Game" another new "high stakes" tournament to take place at the Wynn Las Vegas in June.This one's being produced and televised by FOX. Snarky sports blog Deadspin covered both events, albiet briefly, so did uber hip-hop bball blog, You Been Blinded. Yeah, I think this qualifies as a trend...or maybe just a fad, we'll see how the shows do.

In any case, I'm all for it, you want to know why? Because...little known fact...Nick, though not a great golfer is an amazing poker player. Really. And he's promised to teach me. Soon. Next year were hoping to be in France for the Golf Poker Tour. The 2007 event is taking place right now and it sounds awesome. So before long I might be starting a new blog, I think I'll call it, Poker Girl's Diary, and one thing's for sure, I won't be the first girl to combine golf and poker...

...Cristie Kerr raised $140,000 for the Breast Cancer Research at her "Birdies for Breast Cancer Charity Poker Night."