Spiderman 3 vs Golf

As my misfortune would have it, Spiderman 3 opens all over the place on Friday. I say misfortune because a few weeks ago I promised my cute but psycho little nephew that I'd take him to see it as soon as it came to town. So, long lines and crowds of unruly, popcorn munching, soda slurping brats youngsters are my agenda for this weekend. I think it's going to be inescapable. You see this boy is obsessed with Spiderman. Overly obsessed. He was the one I bought the Spiderman club cover for last year...when I got him a nice set of clubs. I don't think he's ever used the clubs but I know he's played with the stupid club cover extensively. in fact, he promptly turned it into an evil, annoying hand puppet. The thing is, this is a kid who spends most of his time playing FPS games so I guess his parents consider the Spiderman obsession a comparatively wholesome pursuit.

To add to my frustration, I'm swamped with work projects this weekend, and ...cruel irony... it's meant to be beautiful in CT! So, I'm just thinking... maybe I can get the kid to the golf course if I manage to procure a Spidey golf cart.