A Golf Blogger Among theTop Sexiest Bloggers of 2007 !?!

Yes, it's true, and I have no idea how I got on this list, but I've got to admit I was pretty delighted when I discovered it. I'm at number 6, just behind the two lovely blonde bloggers pictured at left. And that's fine with me, it just made me want to bleach my hair, so you might be seeing a blonde Golf Girl soon.

To be honest, the list is very (very, very) eclectic. It includes both guys and girls from all over the blogosphere, and appears to be based not on conventional notions of sexiness, but rather on a combination of humor, intellect and presence...as captured in one's blogging style. At least that's how I explained it to Nick when he reacted to to said list with a characteristic, "WTF is that all about???". And no...he didn't quite buy my explanaiton, but then again, Nick takes everything way too seriously and is rarely inclined to humor me.

Frankly, I think what got me on was golf. Because I don't know if you've noticed but golf has gotten way sexy lately. From sizzeling golf professionals to the studly clebs and rugged royals now clamoring to play...not to mention the hot golf clothes and comely Caddy Chicks. Yes, regarding my position as the 6th sexiest blogger of 2007, I think I owe it all to golf.

Here's the full list with their blogs:

1. Jeremy Shoemaker
2. Darren Rowse
3. Guy Kawasaki
4. Jane May
5. Becky C.
6. Patricia Hannigan
7. Jennifer Slegg
8. Tyler Cruz
9. John Chow
10. Jason Calacanis