Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

As demonstrated in the chart above we had a pretty awesome Memorial Day weekend. The weather was fabulous and I played enough golf to be somewhat quite satisfied. In addition, we ate and drank lots of good stuff. Then there was golf on TV, reading blogs and golf stories, writing a bit, and sleeping/relaxing/vegetating. (Just so you know, athletic and energetic as I am, I still love to sleep/relax/vegetate and find it very therapeutic). Finally there were the misc. other pleasures which I won't describe in detail for fear of a "too much information" situation.

On Saturday, I hit the driving range fairly early, to get a feel for my new driver. I clicked with it immediately, as I suspected I would, then I headed over to my favorite little par three for some much needed work on my putting and short game. I played the nine holes twice by myself, because it wasn't too crowded. The really exciting thing is that I developed a new putting technique that seems to work like a charm for me. If it proves to be "the answer" to my putting woes I'll definitely make it known to everyone. Don't want to reveal too much yet though, for fear of seeming ridiculous if it proves to be nothing (like Nick insisted it was). Saturday evening Nick and I had dinner on our porch. King crab, and one of our favorite white wines.

Nick and I played Candlewood on Sunday. That was fine as far as my drives and putting but there's lots of deep rough at CVCC and I was no match for it. I think I've got to learn to handle that stuff. Somehow.

Monday we had Cat and her posse over for a Memorial Day lunch. Middle Eastern sandwiches...Sharwarma... which we LOVE, Tzadziki Salad and lots of fresh fruit. And we drank a special lemonade punch. Cat & I invented it, in addition to fresh lemonade it contains a touch of orange blossom water and a bigger touch of Vodka. It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend...and I hope the perfect beginning to an awesome summer.