First Golf Weekend of Summer

It's finally here: Memorial Day weekend... the beginning of summer... Yay!

I just spent a couple of hours catching up with all the golf blogs I missed during that crazy week in NYC. There were lots of good posts all over the glogosphere. Now that the golf season is officially in full swing, it seems golf blogging is on fire again too. And I Love that. It's soooo entertaining...and educational.

After a week of meetings and trade show activities, Business Golf was my logical first stop and Scot's post on the perils of talking business during golf was spot on. In another corner of cyberspace, the obviously metrosexual Traveling Golfer, gloated wrote about spa treatments created especially for Golf Guys, while over at A Walk in the Park, Jay Flemma has a sexy new avatar to admire. The world's best golf photo blogger Patrick Micheletti, of OneDayOneShot fame, featured a beautifully fierce photo of Anna Rawson in action, and over at Golf Babes we were treated to Michelle Wie in a fun, Girls Gone Wild ish photo shoot. Speaking of girls, Golfchick inspired some serious bag lust with a post on Birdie Girl and Ogio golf bags. She also introduced us to a an uber-cute, new female golf blogger who's aspiring to join the LPGA tour. Her blog is full of useful tips for those of us who um ...don't play so well. Sexy Siciclian golf blogger Lulu, has been posting prolifically, in her highly entertaining style, on Chicks with Sticks. She's included some awesome photos too. And, there was lots more, and I've bookmarked tons of links for future stories. There's so much to write about all of a sudden!

Anyway, this weekend I hope to be writing and playing like crazy. I'll also be working on my game with renewed urgency, because I just found out I'll be going to France at the end of the month ...where I've a date to play with the guys who first introduced me to golf, just over a year ago. I sort of um...indicated to them that I had gotten really good. Gulp. Yeah, I better get working.