One More Day of Meetings... Then Golf

We're back in CT. The National Stationery Show finished yesterday afternoon. We won the Best New Product Award, made some good contacts and took piles of orders, so I'm happy... happy to finally have time to read the golf blogs again...and to think about playing this weekend.

To me, Memorial Day Weekend IS the beginning of summer... and I love summer. I've got a few more meetings with my French colleagues, before they head back to Paris tomorrow afternoon ...then, at least for a few days, my life's going to be about playing golf, reading golf blogs, watching golf on TV...and just generally chilling. Mmmmm, I like the sound of that.

Mobile blogging was OK, but it definitely has its limitations...particularly given my lack of patience for I'm glad to get back to normal blogging. I hope to have my long promised swimsuit blog up by next week... I'm also planning on starting bi-weekly video blog. Soon. So...let's get this summer started.