Sex and Golf ... in Dubai?

I'm ultra busy these days at my *IGFTJ...preparing for our big trade show next weekend... but not so busy that I've neglected my daily blogsploration duties, and today I was richly rewarded by the discovery of this engaging blog. The post in question features a group of Dubai golf girls playing at Jebel Ali Golf Resort, and what happens when they meet up with a group of Dubai golf guys. Think... Sex and the City meets Lawrence of Arabia. It's pretty steamy.

Dubai is a place I've been dreaming about for a while now, not only for the golf/spa/luxury thing, which is by all accounts stellar, and evolving at an uber-intense pace, but because it seems like a truly fascinating place; full of surprising juxtapositions, unlikely contradictions and really awesome shopping malls.

The fact is, Dubai is a contemporary boomtown, and one of the hottest places on the planet today ...and after reading Sex and Dubai I would venture to say the hotness extends way beyond its rapid commercialization and sizzling desert location.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel (Tiger's been know to practice tee shots off the helipad on top)