That's the text I got a few hours ago from my BFF, Ashley. She's one of those girls who lives in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood, and has a fabulous media job in Manhattan. She's single too. And really pretty. She'll text me these one sentence hyper-abbreviated messages from clubs and parties and restaurants all over the city. Often accompanied by blurry camera phone pics of her lascivious adventures. Nick calls her "La Texteuse Terrible" for obvious reasons. He hates text messages and finds Ashley very annoying. Anyway, though I'm quite familiar with her shorthand it took me a minute to decipher, HoT GUYS PLaYiNG GoLF IN ROCKefeller CenTeR. You see she's never had any interest in golf, so it seemed out of context. But then I remembered seeing Cameron Diaz this morning on the Today Show hitting golf balls with David Gregory on a Rock Ctr replica of the 17th hole at Sawgrass...and it came to me. She knows I love golf and share understand her appreciation for hot guys, so it was perfectly appropriate.

Anyway, this event, sponsored by the PGA and UBS to promote next week's Players Championship, sound like lots of fun. Of course Murphy's Law has it taking place when I'm to busy to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure Ashley will though, and who knows she might even find someone who can get her onto a golf course.