12-Year-Old Golf Girl Qualifies for a Major

Her name is Alexis Thompson, she's from FL, and she's the youngest player ever to qualify for the US Women's Open. Previously this record was held by a still very young, FL golf girl you may have heard of once or twice: Morgan Pressel. Morgan was about a half a year older when she qualified for the 2001 Open.

In addition to golf, which she began playing at age five, Alexis likes shopping, chatting on-line with friends and ... ladybugs. Yes, she even wears a ladybug ankle bracelet. But those typical pre-teen preoccupations definitely take a back seat to golf. She practices seven hours a day. School is done on-line, at home.

And now, it seems, she's the latest young golf phenom ...and she's headed for Pine Needles. Not bad for a kid.