Felicitaciones Angel Cabrera

Who'd of guessed...a big hitting Argentinian, wins the 2007 US Open.

Oakmont wasn't supposed work for big hitters, remember... and an Argentinian hasn't won a major in 40 years. But, in the end Angel Cabrera, the Golf Gaucho, finished a shot ahead of both Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods. And, he was the only player to manage two sub-par rounds for the championship. Golf Blogger, William K. Wolfrum just posted an engaging piece on the contrast between Angel and Tiger; their personal styles, their physical characteristics and their golf histories. The extreme dichotomy is noted.

In Latin American golf circles, Angel,the awesome Argentinian, has sometimes been affectionately known as "El Pato" Cabrera (The duck) for his unique waddling gait. From now on they'll have to call him, "El Pato Ganador" Cabrera. Bravo Angel!