The Racy Raspberry Tiger Woods Nipple Shirt Thing

I just had to weigh in on this. I received so many emails on the subject, and the golf world is buzzing about it: Tiger's new physique and the Nike Razzle shirt he showed it off with on Sunday at the US Open.

I loved it. I think he looked great... like Tiger Woods on steroids. No, no, no I don't mean literally. I just mean he looked like himself, only bigger and better and definitely flashier. The thing is, Tiger usually comes to the course in something rather sedate. OK, we now expect him to wear a red shirt in the final round, but normally it's a red polo, never too close the body, often with a vest or sweater. Classy but dull Conservative.

And surprisingly, that seems to be the way most of the fans want to see him. I had one reader who complained that Sunday's shirt was "essentially collarless, thus inappropriate for the golf course", and another who claimed to have been hopelessly distracted by the continued nipple flashes the tight, clingy fabric yielded. Then there was the writer who lamented that Tiger, with his fierce demeanor, buff bod and tight techno shirt looked just like an avatar from one of his golf video games. Well, Hellooooo, last time I checked, looking like an avatar was a good thing ooo . I mean, everyone knows avatars are the most gorgeous people on earth, right?

In the end Tiger didn't win in the controversial shirt and I'm guessing he'll be back to his traditional, tailored look next time out, and that, to my mind is a bit of a disappointment. But, In the final analysis, if Tiger had won in the Razzle shirt, it would have become an instant must-have. Legions of men of all shapes and sizes would be wearing them, and that would be a disaster, because most men should never even think of wearing a tight, clingy rasberry red shirt. At least not in public anyway.


{{NEWS FLASH}} Baby girl Sam Alexis Woods has been welcomed into the world. Congratulations to Elin and Tiger Woods.