Michelle's Many Options - Confessions of a Wie Warrior

As golf purists regurgitate righteous indignation and the Kornikova/Capriati comparisons fly, Michelle Wie has got to be weighing her options, and wondering where to take this crazy thing that's become her life.

It got substantially more complicated yesterday following her withdrawal from the Ginn Tribute, and subsequent accusations allusions that it was not prompted by a tweaked wrist injury as claimed, but rather concocted to circumvent a silly little-known LPGA slaughter rule; the 88-and-out rule, which would have barred her, as a non-tour member, from all LPGA events for the rest of the year, if she shot more than an 88...and admittedly, yesterday afternoon in SC she seemed well on her way to doing just that.

On the surface, Michelle seemed nonplussed "I had issues with my wrist," she explained "Shooting 88 is not what I think about." However, one can only imagine that the 17-year-old must be wondering what's next. In the press, she and her team are being portrayed as cheats, or at the very least, master manipulators, and dark predictions are being made about the future of her golf career. Some are speculating that she has problems that go way beyond golf... to her parents, sponsors and lifestyle.

I have a different take on this whole story. You see, though passionate about golf, I'm in no way a golf purist. I just love the game, and I'm one of those fans they dismissively call a "Wie Warrior". I'm fascinated by everything about Michelle Wie: her big, amazing golf game...her unique statuesque beauty...her celebritant status. And, I'm not at all worried about her. She's a beautiful, talented, fabulously wealthy, 17 year old sports celebrity... who was recently admitted to one of the country's most prestigeous and outstanding Universities. She's got so many options. She can: A. play in major golf events on exemptions, B. strut the red carpets and runways of celebrity soirees, C. settle into the awesome life of a Stanford freshman, D. Any combination of the above. So no, I don't feel sorry for her at all. She's probably a bit confused right now, as allegations swirl, but she's got too much going for her to let it get her down for long.

Is it fair that this girl has so much while others struggle? Of course it's not, but we're living in a country that prides itself on pure capitalism. Lots of things aren't fair here... and I can think of about 1000, right off the top of my head, that are far more disturbing than anything about Michelle Wie. I'll tell you a little secret too. Despite what others may say, I'd love to see her playing next week. Yeah, sorry, but I'm definitely a Wie Warrior.