Dad's Day Golf Gifts... from Tiffany's

Heads up...Father's Day is just around the corner.

I was reminded of that fact this morning when I opened my email and found this helpful link to Tiffany's Father's Day Gift Collection. It's full of elegant jewelery and awesome accessories, most in sterling sliver or platinum. It's quite heavy on cuff links, which I didn't think anyone wore anymore. Apparently some guys still do...or maybe they're coming back. Anyway, If you've got a discerning Golf Dad to shop for I'd reccomend you bypass the tie tacs and time pieces and head straight for their golf gifts.

There are keychains and moneyclips, pens and paperweights and myriad on-course collectibles, including sterling silver tees, ball cases and markers.

I've gifted Nick with a couple of these items in the past and he covets them. He doesn't actually use them of course... I don't think they're really meant to be used. He just keeps them in his office. They're collector's items, mementos...beautiful things he would never buy for himself. From time to time he'll pick up the delicate silver tee or the shining sculpted ball case and caress it lovingly while he talks on the phone. That's when I know how much he likes them. I think.