Murphy's Golf Girl

It always happens to me. All the stuff I really want to do, inevitably lands on the same few little squares of my calendar.

This month it's the Traveler's Championship AND the CVS Charity Classic, both of which I was looking forward to, and both taking place within a couple of hours drive from my house. Well of course they're going to fall on the same weekend - that was to be expected, but on top of that, it happens to be a weekend when I'll be many thousands of miles away, so I'll miss both, effectively taking my Murphy's Law tendancies to new heights.

Nick just tried to console me by informing me that Phil Mickelson had withdrawn from the Travler's. Um...Nick...I don't even like Lefty, I like Vijay, remember. Oh, never mind. I've got to go out and get Ralph Lauren golf gifts for half the population of Paris.