Tonight - Golf Girl Inventor on TGC

I just got an email from my friend Tina, and guess what: she's going to be on the Golf Channel tonight!

Tina, you see, is the quintessential Golf Girl...fun, flirty, fashionable and golf obsessed. And now she's going to be on TV, presenting her own stylish golf invention, as part of The Golf Channel's new series, Fore Inventors Only. The series looks awesome too. Kind of like an American Idol for golf inventors. And I get the impression there are more than a few William Hung types among the participants. But Tina's definitely not one of those, she'll be competing with Sassy Swings, her pretty, practical hand beaded gloves. I wrote about these glamorous golf gloves back in the fall. In addition to adding sparkle, the beaded bracelet actually acts as a stroke counter. How clever is that? So be sure to check out Fore Inventors Only tonight (7/10) on the Golf Channel at 10:00pm ET. It'll also be on tomorow (7/11) at 12 noon ET.

I've got to admit I'm literally green with envy a bit envious of Tina for having come up with such an awesome invention and getting on The Golf Channel and all, but hopefully this'll inspire me to whip up an extraordinary golf accessory of my own for the next season's show. I have a few ideas already, but sorry, I'm keeping them under wraps for now.