Tiger Woods - The Regimen Revealed

Golf Writers have been talking about Tiger's smokin hot body transformed physique for a couple of months now, but breathless blogging and blatant Tigerlust hit a fever pitch immediately after the US Open. Remember? The US Open was where Mr. Woods wore that painted on form fitting fuchsia shirt that left no doubt about his amazing musculature. Intense curiosity ensued, as in, ..."what's going on, golfers aren't supposed to look like this!?!?".

Well now there's an excellent cover story in Men's Fitness magazine that sheds some light on the Tiger transformation. In it there's an exclusive, in depth interview where for the first time, Woods and trainer Keith Kleven offer detail and insight into Tiger's rigorous fitness regimen. A regimen that's enabled him to add nearly 30 pounds of muscle since he left Stanford University in 1996. Tiger also talks about his athletic wife Elin, and how she stays in shape.

So, if you were one of the many Tiger fans wondering, "how did he get that way?", go out and pick up the August issue of Men's Fitness, it's on newstands now.