Golf Girlfriends Can be... Problematic

...or so it seems from this article in the most recent issue of GQ magazine, and I think there's an element of truth to it. Here in the US golf is often strictly considered "something a guy does with other guys", part of its attraction being the opportunity to bond with guy friends in an atmosphere unrestrained by the presence of women. Not to say that all American guy golfers feel this way, but I believe many do, and I was quite surprised to see that this was not the case in all. One immediately notices that the golf culture in France is much more evenly divided between male and female... to the extent that it's rare to see groups of men playing without women. I've got to say that felt strange to me...or at least, foreign.

Intrepid girl golf blogger, Fairway Flapper, posted about a recent incident in Northeastern PA that illustrates why wives/girlfriends might not always be welcome on guy's golf outings. Caution: it involves strippers, breasts and lap dances, those who might be offended by such things please avert your eyes.