The Sexiest Golf Cart on Earth

I know, I know, sexiness is subjective, but just tell me; who wouldn't be susceptible to the salacious appeal of this sleek machine?

The discerning gentlemen over at Don't Cost Nothing posted about it earlier this week, and now all the specs on this fabulous fairway crawler are presented on Gizmodo ...and they're pretty impressive. One commenter however, suggested that it looked ..."like you should be having sex with it rather than "riding" it", which shocked me, until I really looked at the photo and ...well, yeah.

The ultimate Golf Cruiser includes a "detachable basket with drinks holder" too, which is a really nice touch, but sadly, at $2,619, is a bit beyond my on-course personal transport budget. Oh well, I guess I'll just have fantasize about it. Yes, I can do that.